Weakest Moment Part 3

Pastor Ed Young

Now, the name Jacob, this is the interesting, in the Hebrew, means “supplanter”. It means cheater. And this guy did that. Jacob was at home cooking this big ol’ pot of beans. And Esau had the mantle of the birthright. He was the first born, he had it going on. And his nostrils began to flare, as he smelled those beans… How many people in here like beans? Man I love me some beans. Oh I love beans. Beans. Ya, I love ‘em! So, he smelled those beans, probably beans and rice, rice and beans, maybe a little bit of plentils, and he got closer and closer. And his boy Jacob was making this big honkin’ pot of beans. Ed Young Jr.

Esau goes, “I want some beans. I love me some beans.”

You know what Jacob said, “Oh, you can have the beans. You can have a big ol’ piping hot bowl of beans, if you’ll trade me your birthright, your anointing, your blessing for the beans. You’re the oldest, I’m the youngest.”

Again, Jacob, cheater, supplanter, he said, “Uh, come on, man. Just give me your birthright!”

A weak moment. I mean we’re talking about something big here. Your birthright? A weak moment! Sixteen-pound test. As strong as Esau was, he was only as strong as this weak moment.

And we’re going to find out something. We’re defined, so often, by our weakest moment. If you don’t believe me, ask the governor of South Carolina – Governor Sanford. If you don’t believe me, ask about Michael Jackson and some of the things that he did personally. As great as Michael was, as musically gifted and as creative as he was – he was the best! But when you see these documentaries about him, they always go back to what? Those weak moments.

So, we’re defined and refined and we can be confined by our weak moment.

And you can feel the tension. You can feel the tenor. You’re like, “Man, Esau – don’t give away your birthright! Just because your nostrils are flaring. Don’t give away your birthright for some plantains and some rice and beans. Don’t do it!”

He did. He did. He did it. He gave it to Jacob. And Jacob was thinking, “What an idiot!”

And here’s Esau chowing down. He’s like a bunch of sharks. His eyes rolling back in his head – and it’s a feeding frenzy.

We’re only as strong as our weakest moment. We’re only as strong as our weakest moment. Isn’t it interesting? Yeah, we’ve got strength, we’ve got ability, we’ve got giftedness on one hand. But on the other, all of us have those weak areas. And the enemy knows – I’ll say it again, those weak areas.

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But I’ve got some great, great news for you today. I’ve got some wonderful words of wisdom for you today. You can survive, thrive and shore up your weakest point. And your weakest point can be your greatest point of strength as you discover the kind of life that the Lord wants you to live.

But again, let’s face the music. All of us face weak points. All of us face areas where we’re tempted and tried. And when I think about this whole genre – this whole train of thought – this whole vibe, my mind rushes back to the book of Genesis.

Now, the book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Genesis. That’s when the whole thing started. God, you know, created and made the earth, and we know some of the major players. Adam and Eve, you’ve heard about those people. You’ve heard of Cain and Able. You’ve probably heard of Abraham. Well, I’m going to talk to you about a guy who really struggled in this weak moment.

And maybe right now, let me stop, maybe you’re going, “Ed, wow, that’s where I am right now. I’m struggling with a weak moment. I mean, I’ve got about a sixteen-pound test, and I feel like I’ve got an eighty-pound fish on the line. I’m struggling with this weak moment.”

If that’s you, wow, today’s talk is tailor-made for you. Because the guy I want to talk to you about was named Esau.

Esau had a brother named Jacob. Esau was the oldest. Jacob was the youngest. He had a couple of parents that you probably heard of. Their names were Isaac and Rebecca. They’re found in the book of Genesis, specifically, Genesis 25. If you ever think about the fact that you might have come from a dysfunctional family, your dysfunction doesn’t come close to some of the families in Scripture. Especially, this family.

So, you’ve got the parents, Isaac and Rebecca. You’ve got the kids we’re going to talk about. Jacob, who was a mama’s boy. You know what I mean when I say that, don’t you? And then you’ve got Esau, who was a daddy’s boy. Esau, the Bible says was all hairy and rough and gruff and he was a Copenhagen dipping, beer sipping guy. He liked to go out and hunt and-and trap things and-and-and bring home the bacon for the family to eat. He was the man. And Isaac loved Esau.

Well, Jacob was the mama’s boy. And Rebecca loved Jacob. Isaac knew the score. Isaac knew that the blessings and everything was kind of around Jacob. However, when you were the first born in Scripture, you’ve got the inheritance, you got the special anointing.

So, Esau was carrying that around with him. One day, Esau got up early. Had a grand-slam breakfast, and went out and did some hunting. As he was out in the fields, you know, there’s something about going outdoors. If you’re fishing, or if you’re hunting, or whatever, it just makes you hungry. If you’re riding your bike, or if you’re running, and if you’re outdoors, there’s something about it, you get really, really, really hungry. So, when Esau came back from a day of hunting, Jacob began to mess with him.Fellowship Church

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INTRO: Good morning, good morning, good morning. Do you have something I can put my Bible on? That’d be great. How many people in here like to fish? Anybody like to fish? I love fishing. I really love it. And one of my favorite things to do is fly fish. So, I brought one of my fly rods up here because sometimes when people think about fly fishing, they don’t really understand the essence of it. When you fly fish, unlike other types of fishing, you’re actually casting the line. You’re not casting the weight of the lure or the bait, you’re casting the line. When you fly fish, a lot of people do it in salt water, like I do. I love fishing, especially fly fishing in salt water. When you fly fish, as you cast the line, you have to get the line out, obviously, to where the fish are, and it has to kind of roll out and it plops down right in front of the creature that you’re hunting.

Here is the fly lines. See that? See the yellow stuff? Believe me, there’s no hook on it. Here’s the fly line. No, I’m not going to hook anybody. And this is the leader. So the yellow is the fly line, and this clear stuff is the what? Leader.

So, the weight of the line goes down the leader, and if you had a fly on the end of it, it would kind of roll out and, of course, you catch the fish.

Well, here’s what’s so tricky about the leader. This leader is made up of different types of line, different weights of line. This section is about fifty-pound test line. What do I mean when I say fifty-pound test line? At fifty pounds, POP, it’ll break.

The next one is made of about forty-pound test line. Thirty-pound test line, at the end, it’s only sixteen-pound test. Isn’t that crazy?

So the weakest point of this line is what? Sixteen-pound test. If you can pull sixteen pounds, which most people can, it’s going to pop. So, you hook a ginormous fish, a fish that weighs, let’s say, eighty pounds, you’ve got to be very, very carful. You can’t pull more than sixteen pounds.

So, as cool as this outfit is, as strong as this outfit is, as costly as this outfit is, it’s only as good as its weakest link. It’s only sixteen pound test. And you’re the same, and so am I. We’re only as strong as our weakest link.

Have you ever thought about that? We’re only as strong as our weak point. A chain is only as strong as its weakest point. A rope is only as strong as its weakest point. A man is only as strong as his weakest point. A woman is only as strong as her weakest point.

That sounds fascinating to think about it. It sounds, in some respects, cruel. Some of you, right now, be going, “Well, hey Ed, are we-are we sort of set up for failure? I mean, I’m only as strong as my weakest point? I mean, how can I really overcome my weaknesses?” Ed Young

Because the Scriptures say that the enemy knows our weaknesses. He knows yours, he knows mine, probably better than we know them ourselves. How do we live this victorious life, how do we achieve this kind of purpose when we’re only fishing with sixteen-pound test. How do we do it? What do we do? Those are towering-towering questions.


God Lifted that Burden from Me

When we got married, we made a commitment before our friends, before our God, that we would be with each other no matter what happened in life, until death do us part.  To take that commitment, as you said, it’s easy to do when things are going well, but when life throws you a curve like we have got right now, you have to rely on something to serve as the cohesive glue in that commitment.  That glue has been our relationship with Jesus Christ.  I feel like that it is my responsibility to take care of Pam.

It’s my responsibility to see that my kids are raised in a Godly manner.  It’s not an overwhelming responsibility.  God has lifted that burden from me.  God has helped me deal with that burden and provided exterior influences through our friends and acquaintances that have allowed me and helped in dealing with that.

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Loved God

Do you remember, last time, when I told you about that woman that I saw in a restaurant who had a figure that would embarrass Pamela Lee Anderson?  Do you remember that?  When she walked past me, I said that I looked at her like that [Ed snaps to show the instantaneous look that he gave her] and I kept on walking.  Well, at that time, when I saw that woman and I was attracted to her because of the way she looked.   I love God as much as I have ever loved God.  I love my wife as much as I have ever loved her.  But, I noticed her.  The “tantal-eyes” was there.  But, at that point, I pressed the delete button and I kept on walking.  I don’t know why that woman was dressed that way.  I really don’t.  I don’t know where she was coming from.  I’m not sure if she was insecure or had poor self-esteem.  I’m not sure if she was trying to get the attention of guys because she never got it growing up.  I don’t know.  But, I do know where the Evil One comes from when he cooperates with people who dress that way.

Next weekend, I am going to talk specifically about some of those issues.  I’m going to talk to parents about what you are thinking, many of you, when you allow your kids to dress they way they do?  What is going through your mind?  Some of you here, when you get dressed, when you look in the mirror, I wonder, “Where do your faith and fashion intersect and then go their separate ways?”  The way we dress should honor the Lord.  I would love to preach that message right now, but I can’t.  Just stay with me.

The Evil One wants to vandalize your life and mine.  He wants to take us down this flight pattern, lure us, and move us into this light of lust.  So, hopefully, you’ve seen this process from scripture.  You have seen the whole tantalize thing, and now you own the fact about how Satan plagiarizes, customizes, and vandalizes.

And by the way, if any man thinks he can sit with his arms crossed, tapping his foot, and say, “Well, this one is not for me.  There is no way I will ever have an affair or I will ever cheat on my wife.


I think it is no accident that the word integrity has the word grit right in the middle of it.  It takes grit, it takes substance, it takes power to live this stuff out.  And I am not going to lie to you.  I am not going to broad brush this topic with a bunch of generalizations.  I want to show you what you sign up for if you want to integrate integrity into your life.  It will take everything you have, but I want to show you through this message that it is well worth it.

Enough of the introductory remarks.  Let’s talk about the how.  How do I integrate integrity into the recesses of my multifaceted life?  Well, right up front we need to line up with God’s organizational chart.  Are you lining up with His organizational chart, with His chain of command?

I talked to a close friend of mine awhile back and I was questioning him about his loyalty level.  I asked, “How in the world did you work for a couple of decades for an organization that had a weak leadership structure?  Why didn’t you just blow a fuse or go on tilt?  Oftentimes you knew much more than the leadership did.”  I will never forget what he said to me.  “It is always best to discover God’s organizational chart and to put yourself beneath it.  When you do that, things always go the best.”  Today, my friend is working for one of the top organizations in his field in America.  Truly believe that he is where he is today because of the loyalty lessons that he learned years ago and because he got beneath God’s flow chart, His chain of command.

Everywhere we turn in this life we see God’s structure.  We see this organizational chart.  God has placed, for example, doctors in authority over their patients.  He has placed attorneys in authority over their clients.

Great Line of Love by Pastor Ed Young

We love you but we don’t accept and really don’t approve, I should say, of the way you’re living.”  I’ll talk more about homosexuality because people ask me about it all the time.  But we have got to have confidence as we face these difficult times, as we face these flames.

Now, I’m going to share with you something else.  God never promises us that he will keep us out of the flames.  You hear that?  God never promises us in the Bible he will keep us out of our fiery furnace.  It’s not in there friends.  It’s not in there.  He does promise though that he will get in the furnace with us.  OK, he doesn’t promise that he will keep us out, but he does promise “I will get in the furnace with you.”

Let’s go to the next one.  The next flameworthy fact.  Don’t allow your circumstance to cause you to compromise.  Now do you ever get into that situation like where your circumstances might cause you to compromise.  Like the people that you are hanging out with or just the peer pressure that then segues into fear pressure.  Do you ever get that?

Now Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, their lives were on the line.  Look at verse 18. They’re still talking to King Nebuchadnezzar, “But even if He does not…”  They’re saying, “Hey King, even if God does not deliver us, we want you to know O King that we will not serve your god or worship the image of gold that you’ve set up.”

Do you know God says about himself?  God says, “I am a jealous God.”  Do you know why he says that?  It’s a great line of love.  God is a jealous God because he knows if we follow any other god on our plain of Dura, we will be disappointed.

Inheriting this Promised Land by Pastor Ed Young

God is saying, “Moses, pretend like these ungodly people, these idols are a set of drums, and you wipe them out.”  The Bible says in verse 52:  “Drive out not some, but all of the inhabitants of the land before you, and destroy all their figured stones, and destroy all their molten images, and demolish all their high places.”

What do these words mean in the Hebrew?  It means, as we claim this land for the Lord, we have to drive out ungodly relationships – maybe items we have in our homes.  And there are some people here who need to go home and wipe out some videos, magazine, novels from your life, from your home, from your land that the evil one is using to totally destroy you and keep you from inheriting this Promised Land.

There are some folks here who need to get away from ungodly relationships that are bringing you down.  Let me say a word to our single adults here and our young people.  If you are dating someone who does not know Jesus Christ personally, 9 times out of 10, he will use that person to bring you down, away from where God wants you to be.  But you’re saying, “He’s so good looking, pastor.  He’s the captain of the football team, in the honor society.”  “She’s a cheerleader.  She’s great.  She’s the perfect one.”  I’m telling you this is God’s word, not mine.  Ed Young Ministries believes that God will use those relationships to bring you down.

As we’re moving out, if we don’t wipe out that little thing, that little sin, that little ungodly habit one day will turn and take us down.  We come to God and we say, “God, I’m ready to move out for you.”  And God points to the areas in our lives that we need to get rid of things, that we need to come clean on.

But we say, “God, I’ll go ahead and keep that closet for myself.  I’ll go ahead and keep that area for me.”  You say, “Jesus, you can have everything in my life, but don’t mess with this little area, my secret door back here, my little stash.”  If you let that secret little room in your life fester, one day it will grow bigger and bigger, and the square footage will increase ten-fold, and one day, it’ll totally wipe out your life.

Responding to God in the proper way by Pastor Ed Young

Joshua recognized who he was talking to, not just anybody, he was talking to God himself.  Not only did he recognize who he was talking to, but the Bible tells us that he responded in the proper way.  If we are going to humble ourselves before God, folks, we not only recognize who he is, but we had better respond in the right way.  Joshua’s response was to say, “Lord.”  Then the Bible says that he knelt down and took his sandals off, because he was on holy ground.  What are you calling God when you pray?  When you are trying to wave the white flag, do you call him “Lord”?  “Sir” doesn’t work.  “Mister” doesn’t work.  “Teacher” doesn’t work.  “Hey you” doesn’t work.  “Lord” works every time.  That word “Lord” is the all-inclusive word of recognizing and responding to God in the proper way.  When we say “Lord,” we are saying, “God, you are the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the Universe, and in total charge of everything that happens.  You know what is going to happen tomorrow.”  We just give God the credit.

How many of you are getting low before God?  James says if you are going to end the battles in your life, you have got to get low.

The Gospels by Pastor Ed Young

One time, you remember, in one of the Gospels, he healed a boy and he said, “Get this child some food.”  It was personal.

I think Jesus also healed with a great passion.  It’s interesting to go through the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and to see how many times Jesus touched people during the healing process.

His healing ministry was also a purposeful one.  It was always for the glory of God.  He didn’t just do it for the crowds and many times, as I said a second ago, he would take people to the side and heal them and would say, “Don’t tell anybody about it.”  That’s how Jesus healed.  In this hotbed for faith healers, in this Mecca for miracle workers, in the belt buckle of the Bible belt, we have to ask ourselves some questions.  I think it is important that we compare and contrast Christ’s healing ministry, don’t you, with some of the ministries we see on television, or here on the radio, or read in the headlines.